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08-Sep-2018 16:29

Navigate to the App you want to download and install, and click Download.The product detail page opens: Review the details, system requirements, and supported languages.Cookies are essential to the correct functioning of the GUI; please ensure your browser accepts them.

[ANSMX] INFO: Creating new HTTPS certificate [ANSMX] INFO: Generating RSA key and certificate for syno... [ANSMX] INFO: UPn P discovery complete (found 0 devices).You can see the folder was created for you, and it’s currently marked “Unshared” since it’s not yet shared with any other device. Currently there is only one device: the computer you are running this on.For Syncthing to be able to synchronize files with another device, it must be told about that device. A device ID is a unique, cryptographically-secure identifier that is generated as part of the key generation the first time you start Syncthing.Each device scans for changes every 60 seconds, so changes can take a little over a minute to propagate to the other side, although some contributed wrappers include file system “watcher” features to speed this up.

Before you start When updating between different major versions, you need to manuallycheck if your system meets all requirements PHP version, MySQL version, etc.… continue reading »

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