Tips for dating beautiful women

24-Jan-2019 12:10

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And while perfect 10s get zillions of propositions from newly brave yokels soaked with alcohol, they encounter comparatively few serious (and sober) suitors.

You can score big points with a beautiful woman simply by making a mature, confident approach and by treating her like a normal person--which is probably what she is, underneath that leather mini and skimpy halter top.

A lot of men believe you should never let a woman know you think she's beautiful because it puts you in a "vulnerable" position. Gorgeous women know they're beautiful, and they know you know it.

If you try too hard to play it cool, they simply see you for what you are: a phony.

When courting her, catalog her subtler virtues and let her know you admire them.

Also, compliment her appearance at the moments when she feels least beautiful-- when she's sweaty, tired, or just waking up.

Notice things that only women notice amongst themselves-- how well her scarf matches her eyes--and you'll impress her with your sensitivity and powers of observation.

"Sometimes beautiful women prefer a handsome man, and sometimes they don't; sometimes they prefer a wealthy man, and sometimes they don't," observes David Deida, a lecturer on the sexes and author of Although you may not need extraordinary looks or money to attract a ravishing woman, you do need something.Instead, says my software-selling buddy, "steal the guy's attention yourself and strike up a conversation.When he finds out you're a nice guy, he won't want to disrespect you." If he does, that's where a martial-arts background really comes in handy.But while you don't want to mask your attraction, neither do you want to express it lewdly ("Nice rack") or in a manner that fails to distinguish you from the scores of other guys who compliment her ("Gee, you're pretty").