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We hear what he is hearing, something foreboding and upbeat at the same time. ROB That probably sounds crueler than it's meant to, but the fact is, we're too old to take each other miserable. Now it's just a drag like a cold or having no money.

LAURA, Rob's girlfriend, enters the room, and he immediately pulls the headphones off. He moves through the living room to an open window facing the street. PARK BENCH - DUSK The same shot, the next night: new clothes, same clumsy make- out session. O.) My relationship with Alison Ashworth lasted six hours.

BARRY Since when did this shop become a fascist regime? Finally Justin plucks a CD, and the two move to the counter.

Vince's hair is post-apocolyptically hacked to different lengths, Justin's in uniformly shaven with leopard spots dyed browse. Dick counters from his perch, getting another angle. Vince and Justin do their best browser impersonations.

Rob moves his hand up toward the breast, but the hand then seems to have a new idea, and dives south to follow the thigh into Penny's skirt... O.) She was so nice, in fact, that she wouldn't let me put my hand underneath, or even on top of, her bra. STREET - NIGHT "Nobody Does It Better" continues as Rob walks Penny to her front door. Rob makes his way down the street, jangling a set of keys and talking to us. Rob arrives at a storefront, and begins unlocking a rusty gate with two locks and then a beaten-down door. More light might penetrate the windows if there weren't so many record-release posters taped to them.

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ROB Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable, or was I miserable because I listened to pop music? APARTMENT - NIGHT Group of bags huddled next to the door. He stays right there staring at the shut door for a long moment, listening to the fading sound of Laura and her dragging bags. Not the go-on- vacation set, but the clothes-to-coffee-maker moving out variety. STEREO Rob's left hand cranks the volume knob while his right switches the CD changer to something loud and adrenal. ROB My desert-island, all-time, top five most memorable break-ups, in chronological order are as follows: Alison Ashworth, Penny Hardwick, Jackie Allen, Charlie Nicholson, Sarah Kendrew. APARTMENT STAIRWELL Laura drags her bags, banging down the stairs -- INT. Maybe you'd sneak into the top ten, but there's no place for you in the top five. Those places are reserved for the kind of humiliations and heartbreaks that you're just not capable of delivering. Rob stares at them, his face unreadable, his head gripped by a big pair Boudokan headphones. ROB'S APARTMENT Rob moves around the apartment, seeming to expand physically, looking for change as he continues. He adjusts the angle of the TV, stuffs a creepy family portrait into a drawer. O.) The two hours after school and before The Rockford Files, three days in a row. RECORD STORE - STOCK ROOM - LATER Rob is on his knees, opening boxes with a razor knife. ROB I'm sick of the sight of this place, to be honest.

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